Mountain Agility Dogs

Welcome to MAD!

Emily runs agility training classes, offering small-group lessons, situated in Pakenham – 50 minutes east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

We offer specialist agility and tricks training using positive rewards-based methods. We encourage using toys, food and praise, and focus on having fun, building a great bond with your dog, getting fit (maybe!), improving your dog’s focus on you, and working out some of that ‘mental energy’ your dog might have!

If you think your dog enjoys playing, running and learning, agility could be perfect for you. There’s heaps more to the sport than just running around doing obstacles and all dogs, of all sizes and all ages can get something out of the games, tricks and exercises we do.
In order to join us in training, your dog needs to have a reliable recall, particularly around other dogs. In Foundation class, most of the work can be done on-lead, apart from some tunnels, but it does make it a lot easier if your dog can work off-lead, too. Agility is a high-arousal sport (meaning our dogs get pretty excited!) but as the classes are held in a residential area we ask that you try to keep barking to a minimum.
It would also be advantageous if you knew what really rewarded your dog- a big play with a tug rope or tennis ball? Or a few bits of food?
But don’t worry- we can cover all this in Foundations, too!
Your dog needs to be dog friendly- we have a fairly large area to work in, but come in to chat and discuss the next exercise, and can’t have dogs attacking one another.

Please click on ‘classes’ to find out more about what we do, ‘contact’ to send through an inquiry to join a class, and ‘about’ to find out more about Em, her dogs, and how we train.


What handling method do you use?

I don’t necessarily believe in a “one size suits all” method for handling your dog. Every dog is so different that you really need a ‘toolkit’ of different options depending on what course you’re running, what dog you’re running, even what the weather is doing on the day (my girl Lumen will be a heap slower on sunny days than overcast, for example).

That being said, I have three main influences for handling – OneMind Dogs, Shape Up Dogs/Justine Davenport, and Silvia Trkman. I find that these methods allow me to balance cues that come naturally to the dog, as well as cues that need to be trained.


One thought on “Mountain Agility Dogs

  1. Kerry Dawborn says:

    Hi, I would be giving you a call but I cannot find a phone number for you. I’m a friend of Anita Cochrane, he began classes with you yesterday. I believe she’s coming down again for a class tonight. I have some experience with clicker training, and am interested in agility, and would love to possibly join your dogs are scent hounds, so not your typical agility type dog, but I have done some agility type training with One of them, and feel it would be extremely good for them physically and psychologically…

    Would it be possible for me to accompany Anita to the class tonight, either to simply observe, or to join in with one of my dogs?I am experienced with this type of class I think, and also with clicker training and the dog I would like to bring tonight, has quite a bit of experience with clicker training although not for agility.

    I will try to get your phone number from Anita and give you a call…

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