This class is perfect for anybody who has done a bit of training themselves – their dogs are familiar with the shaping game, maybe they’ve done a tunnel, they might know how to wrap a pole, they might even be able to sequence some jumps (this would be ideal!). If you want to take this class, you need to be prepared to practise the homework at home in order to see your skills improve.

This class aims to train and hone skills which novice handlers and dogs will need in order to begin competing, or to feel confident and prepared when they step up to the start line in competition.

I’m really excited about the structure of these classes. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen done elsewhere but I really think it makes sense to both us and the dogs.

Some of the things we will be covering throughout the course will be:

  • Teaching/refining tight turns
  • Building value for ‘coming to hand’
  • Building a repertoire for using tunnels
  • Handling options – rear crosses, front crosses, blind crosses and more.
  • Beginning threadles
  • Beginning backside of bars
  • Channel weaves (if this is the method you want to use)
  • Contacts
  • Start lines, start routines and finishing routines
  • Introducing the see-saw
  • And more 🙂


It’s an action-packed program and you can join at any time as we will continually be cycling back through the skills we started with.



Time/Date: Mondays, 6.30pm

Classes will be no larger than 6 participants, and are an 45minutes in duration.

$15 per class when booking for 2 or more weeks in advance


$20 per class when attending casually without booking in advance. Please note these positions will be offered secondarily to people who have pre-booked, and will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

In order to get the most out of the classes, we do recommend you book in advance and attend each week so you don’t miss activities or exercises, however we will revisit them in subsequent weeks to further develop those skills.

What to bring:

Your dog’s favourite toy/s.

Some yummy treats.

Shoes with good grip. The Field can get a bit slippery so try and have some grip on your shoes.

A dog crate (you can pop your dog in the car when required, but a crate would be better)

A lead and a flat collar and/or sport harness for your dog.

A clicker.


Click here to go to our online booking system & secure your place! 


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