This class is perfect for anybody who has done some training before and their dog is able to sequence a number of obstacles together. This class will focus on handling primarily, learning about a number of different handling options when faced with various scenarios and testing these out with our dogs.

I don’t believe there is “one perfect way” to handle parts of a course, and so my focus is on building your handling toolbox to ensure you have plenty of strategies to tackle even the most challenging aspects of a course, with the dog that you have. Our dogs are all so different and respond so differently to different things – we should handle them as such!

During the class, we will tackle any areas that need improvement, be that jump commitment, discriminations, learning a new turn, etc. based on what each individual team needs. Classes are small (less than 6 teams per class). Each lesson we will work through a fairly technical sequence. Dogs in this class should be able to perform independent backsides and have a basic threadle behaviour, but I am able to adapt courses to more novice teams if there is interest. Please contact me and I can arrange an assessment. 🙂


Time/Date: Wednesdays, 6.30pm

Classes will be no larger than 6 participants, and are an 45minutes in duration.

$15 per class when booking for 2 or more weeks in advance


$20 per class when attending casually without booking in advance. Please note these positions will be offered secondarily to people who have pre-booked, and will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

In order to get the most out of the classes, we do recommend you book in advance and attend each week so you don’t miss activities or exercises, however we will revisit them in subsequent weeks to further develop those skills.

What to bring:

Your dog’s favourite toy/s.

Some yummy treats.

Shoes with good grip. The Field can get a bit slippery so try and have some grip on your shoes.

A dog crate (you can pop your dog in the car or on the fence when required, but a crate with cover might be better for those vocal friends!)

A lead and a flat collar and/or sport harness for your dog.

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