Emily is a Primary School teacher who has been training dogs since she was 18, and has many years experience competing and training in the sport of agility.
Notably, with her  Australian Shepherd Mallei – Ag. Ch Silvanwood Commanche ADM JDM ADO JDO SPDM SD GDX HT, Emily was accepted into the ‘State Trials’ Top 10 Runoff 3 years in a row, coming 2nd in Jumping in 2009. In 2007 she competed for the Victorian team at the Advance Nationals in Adelaide, and in 2008 she competed for the Victorian team at the Nationals in Melbourne. Mallei was the 2nd dog in Victoria to gain his Agility Championship, and the first Australian Shepherd in the country to receive this title!

After taking a break to study for her Masters in Teaching, Emily and her husband Nic have bought a property in Pakenham that is perfect for their now 3-dog family to romp around in, and, of course, for her to finally have that agility field!

With her Australian Shepherd Lumen, and now her Border Collie Loki, Emily loves building her understanding of her dogs. She has completed two online Foundations classes with Silvia Trkman (Slovenia), Running Contacts with Silvia Trkman (Slovenia), Foundations class with Awesome Paws (Melbourne), attended a seminar with OneMind Dogs (Finland) in Sydney, attended a 3 day working seminar with Shape-Up dogs (Canada), and has completed a course on Play and Motivation through the Fenzi Dog Academy (USA), a course on Focus through Fenzi Dog Academy (USA), and a course on building play and drive with Polona Bonač (Slovenia) – Let’s Play!, A OneMind Dogs handling seminar with Niki Drage (Australia), Precision Handling online course with Daisy Peel (USA), and a Course Analysis seminar with Dave Munnings (USA)

Frustrated by the fact that most agility clubs were either too far from her (Altona), closed to new members, or too restrictive on their training methods, Emily decided that she needed somewhere to train, and has been working alone for the last 18 months. After receiving inquiries about training options, Mountain Agility Dogs was born while living in Mount Evelyn, and the name stuck even though Pakenham isn’t so mountainous.

Since she’s often out in freezing or pouring weather at all hours, MAD seemed an appropriate name.

Because of her ‘real life’ job as a teacher, Emily strives to be innovative and relevant to all her students, making sure that classes are targeted to each team’s individual levels and needs, rather than offering a ‘one size fits all’ class structure. She is constantly striving to improve her own skills as a handler, dog trainer and teacher.


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