Fitness Friday: Sit to Stand

Every Friday I’ll put some exercises and tricks here that will help your dog get fit and conditioned for agility (as part of a wider conditioning program, regular walks and runs, etc). Obviously if your dog has any injuries or issues, consult with a vet or rehab specialist before doing any of these exercises.

Today’s exercise is another really simple one that you can do with no equipment, can start really easy and build up to much harder.

It’s a simple sit to stand! The trick with this one is to make sure the front feet don’t move around when the dog stands up. This way all those nice juicy back-leg muscles get a great workout. This exercise is also great for working the muscles around the hip without putting stress on the hip joint.

Step 1...

Step 1…

You can start with this just on the flat, getting your dog to sit, and then luring into a stand (or use a verbal stand command if you have one). Reward, then sit, reward, stand, reward. You can do this 10 times, or as many as you like assuming your dog isn’t showing signs of fatigue.

Once your dog is pretty pro at doing this on the flat, you could either take it onto a couch cushion, balance cushions or a peanut. You can start with the peanut pushed up against a couch and held in place by your body if your dog is just starting. Later, you can have it ‘freer’, by being kept still by paw pods or a cushion or two and a light hand rested on top.

Step 2!

Step 2! (I have my hand on her chest to help keep her still while the photo was taken!)


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